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Why have your audiometer calibrated with AUSSCO, INC and the ACS
(Audiometer Calibration System) calibrator?

AUSSCO, Inc. revolutionized the calibration industry by developing the ACS calibration system. When choosing a company to perform your audiometer calibration, consider the value of using AUSSCO:

  • The ACS interfaces with most brands of audiometers. These interfaces were developed in cooperation with the manufacturers of the audiometers. This means your audiometer is being calibrated to the manufacturer's specifications. And, because of the interface, there is no need to change your audiometer settings. We will leave your audiometer just as we found it.

  • This is a more complete calibration. Every aspect of your audiometer is checked- not only acoustically, but electronically as well. Every frequency is tested for accuracy, purity, rise, fall, over and off. The ACS calibrator checks crosstalk, linearity -- both acoustically and electrically--and even your audiometer's hand switch.

  • The calibration results are interpreted by a computer and not subject to a technician's bias. You will receive a full color report with passed results printed in green and failed results in red.

  • The ACS measures your sound room's ambient noise level as well.

  • AUSSCO, Inc. can customize an audiometer calibration, repair, and/or maintenance agreement to meet your individual company needs.

  • Contact us to schedule your next calibration or for quote/questions