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We now have a 2nd facility up and running in Bridgman, Michigan, along the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan. We now have a machine shop to help with fabrication and an R&D area complete with its own audiometric sound room. The accounts department is also located in Bridgman. No worries, Doris is still working out of Chicago and is happy to take your calls!

We have some new products in the works. Our version of a bio-acoustic simulator, “Bobby” Unlike other bio-acoustic simulators, Bobby can be programmed to respond at precise thresholds for headphones, inserts and bone, along with a true 1/3 octave band analysis of the ambient noise inside your sound room. We look forward to your feedback and are excited to bring this new product to market.

Our new computer numerated control (CNC) machine is installed and ready to go. We are now using it to manufacture our couplers for ACS customers. With the addition of our 3D printer we have expanded our production capabilities.

Thanks to all our customers for your years of business, support and friendship.


AUSSCO Thank you for your continued patience and understanding as we try and deliver sevices during this pandemic.
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ACS The ACS system is now battery operated with a new hard travel case with wheels

ACS has even more interfaces to calibrate new audiometers. It is now even easier to calibrate audiometers in the field.

Combine your audiometer and spirometer. Two devices but only one database.